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EACG is an association of professionals in the areas of finance, investment, brand development and governance. ... For the purpose of conducting consultancy activities to enhance the strength of small and medium enterprises.

EACG connects strengths, resources from its members, affirms the prestige and value of Vietnamese consultants.

Improving the competitiveness of the economy through consultancy services is always associated with practical actions and concrete results.

EACG is an environment for members to build knowledge, share experiences on investment, brand development, marketing, business management and action for sustainable development.

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Getting your product on reseller's shelf is only half of the problem..
Getting your product on shopper's basket is the real challenge

Consumers are looking for products that excite and engage them, so it's no coincidence retailers are too. With many retailers carrying many different products this overwhelming choice makes it all too easy for products to sit on the shelf. And if a product isn't grabbing shoppers' attention, being de-listed is a distinct possibility.

On pack design, in-store and crucially out-of-store, we have a wealth of experience working with manufacturers and retailers in creating consumer demand for their own label products.

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